Hello again!

Wow, I cannot believe that it’s been over 2 years since I last posted! So much has happened since then. I last posted less than a few weeks after I had a minor surgery. There were some complications, after which I began a full time job for which I had interviewed a month before my previous post, then, we moved cross-continent, to a different country, had a new baby N… In the midst of all of this, M broke her leg and was in a non-weight bearing full leg cast for 5 weeks. Did I mention that I was about 7 months pregnant then? That was fun! How did we manage at home? Why, we got a stroller! And the poor darling figured out a way to get in and out of bed and in and out of the stroller by herself. I told her never to do so without my presence, so that I could hold things like chair and stroller steady for her. We were instructed not to let her fall under any circumstances. Despite all care, she did take 2 or 3 spills, sadly.

Phew! My mother, who came to help out with the new baby, will be leaving soon and I’ll be in charge of meals. I haven’t begun a job here yet, as we knew about N by the time we moved. That does help time management but is it ever easy with small children? I intend to make it easy-er. I looked and I looked for freezer cooking for Indian dishes and vegetarian dishes (that we eat) in general, but I just cannot find much. I hit upon an idea…why don’t I figure it out myself? When we went to the hospital for N’s birth, I didn’t want my mother and M to be cooking at home. At least not more than rice and plain dal. So, starting about a month before due date, we started freezing pre-made meals. We froze various kinds of curries, south and North Indian, we froze sambar, we froze pulusu/kuzhambu… The trick is to thaw quickly, for sambar and pulusu. Otherwise, the texture becomes funny. Still edible but It looks like mush.

I could do this again now – my mother plans to stock our freezer up – but at some point, I have to begin. I would prefer to freeze prepped meals just before cooking because it is faster.

You see, I had been trying to find recipes for freezing ingredients for use in the slow cooker. But what is wrong with doing the same with the pressure cooker??? But of course! There are recipes galore for one pot pressure cooking! Even my own! As I make a method up, I’ll post it. Followed a few days or weeks later, by an update which says how it worked post-thaw.

I’ll begin with lentil soup, sambar, chole. I could cook and freeze but I’d prefer to eat out of cooking vessels and not out of Tupperware. For the illusion of fresh-cooked food… So, I’d like to prep enough to make it a dump into pressure/slow cooker on the go dish, but not so much that I have to spend a lot of time beyond cutting vegetables. Let us see how it works out.

Stay tuned!