Toddler Independence.

Post from about a month ago.

My daughter posted when she was about to turn two. Now, it is two months past that and she wants to do more and more on her own. My, mine, own, self, are constant refrains around the Wee household.

We're waiting for friends to arrive for breakfast at our favorite bagel place in our neighborhood. As we wait, M started eating her bagel with peanut butter ("on her own"), her all time favorite combination. Well, current, at any rate. As she finished and got up to go for a walk with her father, an older gentleman two tables over said, "Enjoy this stage while it lasts because before you know it, she'll be asking for your car keys."

Before I know it, my little girl will become an independent young woman. I'll enjoy this time when she wants to "help" me with everything at home. As she hangs on to the mop stick in an effort to hinder – I mean- help me, I'll enjoy the time we spend trying to mop. As she holds the hanger for me to hang shirts on, when she tucks in the bedspread for me, when she "mixes" ingredients for me, I'll teach her the importance of learning to become independent as well as of teamwork. If need be, she should be independent, if need be, she should be a good team player. These are her little steps towards becoming that independent young woman who understands the need to be a good part of a team when the time comes.


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