Sustainability – Course of Action

If everyone can take that one extra step, walk that one extra mile, give that one extra smile, we can make this earth’s resources last longer and live happier.

This earth, the one planet we have. This earth, that the children of today and their children’s children and their great…..great grandchildren will inherit.


In our mad rush to clean up our own homes, let us not litter the world more. Less paper towels, more reusable cloth, less plastic diapers, more reusable cloth, more recycling or upcycling or disposing of products that one cannot upcycle on one’s own, responsibly. Look up your local resources.***




I signed up for a class on Sustainability on Coursera that starts on Monday. I hope to take away a lot from this course. Won’t you join me as my classmate? It’s free and all you have to pay is your hard work.



Linked below is a freely downloadable textbook for the course. Won’t you read it with me? Or on your own time?



***I could even say more composting but that would be hypocritical. I wish I could figure out a way to store compostables for a few days at a time without all kinds of insects or those little flying black things getting into everything in our apartment. Any ideas, anyone? What I need is a compost genie like the diaper genie.

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