I turn 2 soon!

Yes, in India, giving birth is considered a re-birth for the woman, the mother.

But this post isn't from me as a mother.

It is a blog hijacking by my daughter. I have created a blog for her, but she insists on using mine. I'll let her take over.

I was only 1 last year. If all of you don't know, that is pretty young. Really, how would YOU know! You aren't one! I know in all of my 2 year old wisdom that when I see one year olds – no not the upper ones but the lower ones – that they're small babies. You see, I now know that I am a BIG baby. My mother keeps trying to tell me that I am a toddler now, and not too big one at that, but why would I want to go from being a big baby to a small anything, pray may I know? I'll call myself a big baby, thank you very much!

I'm here to tell you what it was that I didn't know a year ago and what these one year olds have no clue about.

Now I know my A-B-Cs. (Or does she?)

Ay-Bee-Cee-Dee-Ee-n-Gee-Hach-Ai-Jay-Kay-LiMiNOP-KooRRRa-eS-T-oo-and-Vee-dabaloo-iX and Y and Zeeeeeeeee. Next Time Know my A-B-Cs.

That is how my song goes.

I know 2 little songs in my father's mother tongue.

One in my mother's.

I know most of the common English rhymes. I even make them more interesting with my twists in them.

For instance:

Incy Wincy Spider Up A Water Spout
Down Came a Rain and Washed the Spout

I can say "NO". I can act it out too.

You want to know how, you say? I did tell my mother to leave my clothes alone, I am a big baby. I can handle this. Who cares if both of my legs sometimes end up in one leg of the pants or if they are on backwards? Will she listen? She sneakily puts them on me. What is a big baby to do! Just what any self-respecting big baby would. Lull her into a false sense of security and at the critical juncture between putting them on and pulling them up, pull them right off, run away with them, and do it MY way. It is My way or My way. No, highway doesn't appeal to me. My way or My way, it is!

I can speak in full sentences.

Why, I can string sentences together. My favourite? "I don't want it. Keep it back". Or a variation on the same theme – "I need it. Give it to me". Will someone explain to me who this please is? Why do I have to ask him or her for everything I want? "Give it to me, please!" Is it not enough to say, "Give it to me, Amma"? After all, she is the one who gives things. I'll have to please this please person.

I know that we "need to buy it first" before I can start playing with or eating things in a store. 

I can argue with my family, most notably, with my grandfather. He has a problem with my dumping my blocks on the floor. Isn't that how we play with them, before building the blocks up, I mean? Yes, I do want to play with them. In about 6 hours from the time I scattered them on the floor. I like to prepare well in advance. I thought that was a good thing. Don't know what the poorly timed clean-ups are about. Incorrigible adults!

Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta-Epilion That's a series of something.

As is Aidrogen-Eelium-Lithium-Berrilium-Borron-Carrbon.

And Sa-Ri-Ga-Ma-Pa-Da-Ni-Sa.

Oh yes, the best series of all – 1-2-3- and so on. I thought I knew them all. And then one day, Appa sprung a surprise on me. He started singing a song of numbers. And he kept going even after he reached twenty-five! Imagine my surprise when he went on and on! Amma must have been just as shocked but she didn't show it. (Yes, darling, there are infinite number of numbers, really).

I saved the best for the last – I met ALL of my cousins, aunts and uncles in the past year, along with my grandparents. You see, there is one that I haven't met yet, and guess what! I am eagerly looking forward to seeing a "veiy veiy small baby" cousin. But if I wait for baby to arrive to post this, I cannot in good conscience, claim that I have met all of my family at the time of this post. I have seen the tummy where that baby is hiding, so that counts for now! That is why, I am releasing this post in advance.

– An almost 2 year old.

PS: I love that my brand new cousin already knows about hide and seek, She's hiding now, but we'll seek her out soon, Or he and him.

Happy Almost Birthday to You, Big Baby! – Amma and Appa.