Our no cry sleep solution takes a turn

If you're a mother, you've probably heard of Sleep Theories 101. And no, I don't mean an introductory course on sleep theories. I literally mean 101 theories of sleep that are floating around the world. In the ethernet, word of mouth, magazines.

Parenting is so fraught with disagreements. "Experts" disagree more than they agree on a topic. But one thing that everyone seems to agree upon is that children need to sleep. (Don't we all! But apparently, parents shouldn't, if some babies have any say in the matter). How this state of sleep should be entered into – ah! Careful now! Dangerous waters ahead! I never knew that so much controversy existed about a simple human need. Sleep. Nor so much struggle.

Parent A: Put the child in the crib and let it find its way to sleep. It needs to learn.

Parent B: How cruel! One must always parent the child to sleep. Whether by nursing or by rocking, singing, dancing, standing upside down… And every nighttime whimper attended to.

C: Co-sleeping is the best. D: NO! It is soooo bad! Crib, crib, all the way.

Somewhere in between lie the other 99 theories.

Me? I pick what I can use, discard what I cannot, and store what I may consider. Works well.

So, co-sleeping for us. With occasional but increasingly regular attempts at crib use. For she now kicks.

Lately, she's been falling asleep on her own, with one of us (read, me), lying down next to her. Knock on all the wood in the world that her sleep situation only improves.

Today, she was trying to sleep, and one of her sleep positions to try, is with her face on my face or worse, her feet on my face. It was her face today, no problem. Here I was, enjoying my baby's sweet hug… ignoring the pile of socks sitting at the foot of the bed, waiting to be sorted… drinking in the sweetness of the moment… until…


She is asleep. And I still have those socks to sort.

Note to self: Baby's heads can give you a swollen lip.

Note 2 to self: Go check on it before blogging about it.