Wrangler almost hits my daughter on Stanley SIDEWALK

Just an hour ago, my husband and I were walking towards my daughter's daycare, along with his parents. All of us, happily anticipating how she would react when she saw that we were all there to meet her. Her reaction more than matched our wildest hope.

We walked back home, heads bent against the rain or covered by an umbrella. Our 21 month old fell asleep in her stroller, tired from the day's activities. My husband was pushing her. As we walked on the east side of Stanley, between Renee Levesque and Sainte Catherine, I sensed rather than saw that a garage door opened just as we were about to walk past it. Without thinking, I threw my arm out to stop the stroller. A Wrangler shot out of the garage at great speed and came to a halt only as it was about to enter the street, filled with evening traffic.

If I hadn't reacted or if we had been a second sooner or the car, a moment later, who knows what would have happened!

After the car left, we looked up, above the garage door, to see a red signal, as if pedestrians routinely look up while walking on the SIDEWALK. Granted, if someone was far enough from the garage door, he or she would be able to see it. But what of the person to whom it matters the most? The one directly in the path of oncoming ton of metal?

Do you walk with your heads pointed straight up for any red lights that may show up?

Which begs the question – how do buildings get away with such dangerously placed garage exits?

I am still shaken up. I am too numb with shock to even feel anger.