Shoe Size

Baby shoes – (softly) tup tup tup tup tup tup

Mommy shoes – (louder) tup tup tup tup tup tup
Daddy shoes – (even louder) tup tup tup tup tup tup

M’s version – 

Amma shoes – daga daga daga daga daga
Appa shoes – daga daga daga daga daga

A’right, that being said, M just started daycare, part time. They have outdoor time for about a half hour everyday, barring inclement weather. I was having trouble as it was, trying to find warm winter boots that I can push her feet into. Now, the more laid back approach to the great boot search took on a new urgency. I sat down on the floor of many big stores, trying to find something for her. Big store, numerous shoes, right? Big store, many shoes, few salespeople, hardly any help.

Finally, in desperation, I called Mitsy to ask where she got shoes for her now almost-preschooler, last winter. Birkenstock-Naturino in Westmount. Off I went to Westmount but sadly, the store was closed for the day. I went again the next day. It is a small store with friendly and helpful staff. They only had 4 pairs of boots in her size, but with the saleslady’s excellent advice, we found a cute purple pair. And also, indoor shoes for M to use in daycare.

Did you know that winter boots are supposed to be 2 sizes bigger than your toddler’s foot size? I didn’t. Small wonder that I couldn’t get her feet into all of those size 4 and 5 boots!

And if you live in the area, I highly recommend the store.