On the lines of learning…

Each day, as M learns about the world, we learn about parenting. She is constantly making discoveries with her voice, with objects, with her feet.

And each day, she teaches us how best to parent her. What she responds to best. What she would like for a new toy.

I remember asking my mother what we would do with the baby once we brought her home and set her on her bed. She told me that the baby will guide my actions when she arrives and show me what she needs. What it takes to be a parent.

There is a certain amount of leeway. She is forgiving to many lapses in routine, unyielding to any in other aspects.

She tells us what she's ready for, what we can show her, what she can do.

As I teach her about the world, she's teaching me how to parent her. To search my mind for inconsistencies between word and action. To try my utmost to be the ideal that I want my daughter to be.

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