Mixed Vegetable Paratha

October 14, 2011.

A few weeks ago, I made <a href=" http://mommydiaries.posterous.com/broccoli-paratha“>broccoli paratha for our Friday night dinner. Now, R would have been on a semi-fast on any given Friday, and did not appreciate the fact that I was ruining his paratha for him by adding broccoli into it. He thought it was gross betrayal. His thoughts probably ran worse, but I don't know, and I pretended not to care.

Fast forward to today. I have some leftover peas and carrots and corn and other vegetables stir-fried with various spices from yesterday. One of those days again, that M isn't interested in eating. Neither am I, really. So, I turned to my tried and tested paratha. I swear that recipes must have been invented by harried mothers whose kids were refusing to eat the usual fare. So, here I am, deciding to post about anything strange that I make (you may already know about it, but it is strange to me, it is an invention, perhaps not a new one, but an invention nonetheless).

Out comes the food processor again, chop goes the stir fry, knead goes the dough. Sizzle goes the oil. Gobble go the "mixed vegetable parathas".

And hey, I am getting better at rolling out circles too! There must be something to this proverb.

"Practice makes Perfect."

"Necessity is the mother of invention".

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