Lord of Dals (a recipe for mango or tomatillo or green apple dal)

In the Land of Mango, in the Fires of the Red Chilli, the Tart Dal secretly rendered many palates awash.

In my eagerness for an imitation of the original, I accepted the sphere of tartness, the tomatillo, in the Land of Stars and Stripes. Without question. As it drew me inexorably into the shadow where The One Dal seemed forever out of my reach. Forever did I sense it, forever did I search for it. I had become one of those. A Dalfaith.

The search continues in Maple Earth. Where even the tomatillo is nowhere to be seen.


All hope lost, I am now making a variety of different dals for my little and my big ones. And introducing a variety of fruits to them. Yes, them. He only eats fruits that are easy to eat. Cut fruits being one of them. I had reached for a green spherical object in a moment of distraction, hoping to mix it with oats. There are few foods that M refuses to even try (quantity she'll eat is an entirely different issue though), and one of those is oat porridge. There goes that hope. I could have given it to her raw, but somehow, it got lost in the frigid depths of my freezer. For two and a half thousand minutes (no one's counting), it lay there, lost to all memory. 

Until this afternoon, when I went a-fishing for something interesting to cook dal with, and my fingers brushed against it. Something smooth. Something round. Something cold to the touch. The green apple. I set about making a green apple dal out of it. A very poor imitation of the original, granted, but it tasted wonderful to me. My little ankle-biter is on a food strike and won't eat anything but cookies, sigh! She's on a milk and cookies diet. Have to try offering a different fruit to her and see how that goes. Not too many hopes though, as she refused to touch one of her favorite fruits, the strawberry.

I don't measure and thus, the amounts are an approximation. Feel free to play around.


Raw mango (or tomatillos or green apple) cubed   1 cup

Toor dal, cleaned (Pigeon peas)                                       1/3 cup



Mustard seeds 1 tsp

Urad dal (Split black gram lentil) 2 tsp

Red chillies 2

Asafoetida a small pinch/a sprinkle

Curry leaves 1 sprig (I didn't have any, so I didn't use it, but dried ones will do in a pinch)

Jaggery to taste

Salt to taste


Pressure cook toor dal with 2-3 times water. Set aside.

Heat a cast iron skillet (I use cast iron but you can use whatever you use at home).

Once hot, add the ingredients for seasoning and toss until the mustard seeds pop and crackle.

Curry leaves go in at this stage, if using. Toss until crisp, which won't take long at all.

Add the cubed fruit in, cook until just soft.

Add dal, stir.

Add salt and jaggery to taste.


PS: I had a post referring to this very green apple dal. This recipe has been slumbering in my drafts folder almost complete. I'll strive to bring the rest of the draft bytes into daylight soon.

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