To teach a toddler/child series part 1 – A stainless steel cup

M is too young to learn these concepts or to even imitate me, but I am going to begin listing ways to teach a child science using everyday objects, everyday actions. Notes to self.

M picked up a stainless steel cup and handed it to me. I looked into it, I blew into it, I spoke into it.


Perhaps even the percentage of water vapour in inhalation vs exhalation. But not until she's much older, I suppose!


Anne of Green Gables – Caffeinated?

Don't get me wrong, she is my most favorite character in print, the most romantic heroine, sweet and guileless. Perhaps a little unreal? But who cares, she is so charmingly mistake-prone, so engagingly humorous.

On days that I consume caffeine (in the form of a vanilla latte slush, the only way I like my coffee), I am inexplicably happy. I dream and dream big, I laugh. I am more prone to quick tears than normal.  I am friendly too. I am also wonder of wonders, nice! If only in my own definition of nice. And a good mother too!! Now, isn't that what Anne (with an e mind you) is? She embodies all that is good and sweet.

Conclusion: Anne has caffeine flowing through her veins day in and day out. She probably synthesizes it in that red, excuse me, auburn hair of hers.

PS: Needless to say, I drank "icepresso" today. It's been over 6 hours. Go ahead. Call me nice if only for today :-).

"Y'a un peu d'amour dans chaque tasse" – Second Cup (ou Deuxième Tasse?)