Toddler Food Fight; Lunch “Cookies”

Lunch was a simple affair today. Green apple dal, Peas-shredded carrots and brussels sprouts stir fried with ginger. Rice. Homemade whole milk yogurt for whoever wanted it.

Except, M refused to have anything to do with it. (It tasted just fine, if I say so myself.) Just as she refused to eat oats with strawberries and cinnamon for breakfast. I doused it with maple syrup in desperation. That worked. For about 2 spoons and then the strike resumed. She insisted on bread. So, French toast it was. Thankfully, she ate about 1 slice of bread and 1 medium egg's worth of it. But refused fruit.

Ok, happens, I thought, and set about making lunch while she was napping on a sleeping bag in the living room. She woke up and was very happy to see the spread in front of her. She likes to see 2-3 different things on her plate, so that she can eat a spoon of this, a spoon of that, and repeat. All was well for about 4 spoons and strike resumed. I let her get out of the high chair, but she was clearly hungry and refusing food. I was torn. Should I bring out everything available? Or should I stick to my guns and let her eat what was for lunch as she was supposed to? She wanted some milk after which, she was playing happily. I fell into a light slumber while she sat next to me, reading her books. I woke up with an inspiration.

The "Cookies".

I forgot her Healthy Times Toddler Cookies in the stroller yesterday, and she was excited at the find when she went ransacking. So, I let her have a couple while I got down to work.

I mixed the dal, the vegetables, and the rice together. 

I sprinkled some wheat and rice flours to hold the mixture together. 

Added a vegetable stock cube for added punch (I made one batch without, and it tasted fine).

And a teeny bit of milk. 

Greased a tray and baked at 400 F, for about 20-25 minutes. 

Voila! Crisp on the outside, tender on the inside. Really tender. It is best to leave it to cool for a bit before removing it, or the "cookies" will fall apart.

I would have loved to take pictures of the process, but I was focusing on getting some food into her. And it worked. She knew they weren't her cookies, but she enjoyed holding it in her hand and eating. She still didn't eat too well, but much better than she was doing before. I know now, that it wasn't the taste, because she didn't want much of melon d'eau jaune either. She is having one of those days.

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