Reminiscing. 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Aaaaaand let there be LIGHT!

Getting closer to Quebéc? You can “Quittes” the highway using a “Sortie”; or you can exit the highway using an exit; do it the French rue or do it the English way, but all ways lead to the Plattsburgh International Airport. Or so the board claims.

I’ve always wanted to capture a picture of trees against the sky. Never quite got the right shot, but I like the look of these.

Bored in Canadian customs line.

There is no right turn on red. Only on the island of Montréal. On Laval or South Shore, you can take that right turn! Just don’t hit anyone or anything!

Our hotel was full of people there for the “fights”…

Funny text seen on church.

Question marks in the sky. “Why, God, Why??!!”, asks Joey.


ABC Monster

Several months ago, I found stickers of the English alphabet in Dollarama. I bought a pack and my friend B and I pasted them on the living room wall, arranged based on how the song sounds.


A      C
    B      D


and so on… (the look was B’s idea; she’s my creative advisor).


Just to entertain my little M, I would point the letters out and sing the song to her. Before the big 1 arrived, she knew where “ABCD” was. She would even say it sometimes, with not too much clarity. Now that we’re back after months of travel, she somehow seemed to remember that that stuff on the wall is a song. Perhaps because she continued thinking that any writing on the wall is “ABC…”. She was never informed otherwise.


Now, she demands, “ABC”, about 3-4 times a day, if not more. It is not enough if I sing the song. I have to go to the wall and point each letter out while singing it. Did I mention that she pulled out C as soon as I stuck it, and it never managed to stay on for too long? Well, yesterday, she also removed XYZ.


So now, the song goes like this (note that this is the Indian version of the song).


A B (where’s) C D E F G
U V W (where’re) X Y Z
(Where’re) X Y Z?
Sugar on your bread
If you don’t like it, better go to bed.
Next day morning, come to me,
I shall teach you ABC.


With much gesturing and drama. Thus, is born the ABC monster.