Lazy Parenting

I was asked today by my husband’s friend, why I’ve never tried giving M formula. Do I think it isn’t good or am I against it in principle? Interesting question, but I was stumped for an answer. I stumbled and I fumbled and I answered her question with one of my own – Why should I have tried it? You know, D, you’ve got me thinking. The simple answer is, because I could get away without it until now. I’ve had the privilege of maternity leave for a year, and few physiological issues prompting formula feeding. I just didn’t need to try an alternative to nursing.


When asked by someone else why I didn’t use jarred food, likewise – that I am able to get away without. 

When moms get together, one topic is inevitably sleep. How and where and how long. M co-sleeps with us. Always has. As a matter of fact, on M’s and my first full night together at the hospital, the only way I could get some shut-eye was if I let her sleep on that narrow bed next to me. Was I terrified that she’d fall through the railing? You bet. The alternative was to let her cry. I have done many things rather than let her cry. Cos…


Oops, I began this post a month ago, and I think I was interrupted by cries. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, sleep!


It is just easier for me to wake up when the fussing begins and before the shrieking, when I am right next to her. It is easier to nurse her in a half-awake state than to get out of bed and fill up bottles/warm up bottles. It is easier to lose the pregnancy weight to nursing than to exercising. Easier to cook some vegetables to softness than to buy jars. Did I say easier? Lazier? Yes, it suits my lazy ways.

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