Good enough parenting, not hyperparenting

Lately, M has been quite interested in playing with unconventional toys – imagine the base of an unused cordless phone – in conventional ways. She picks it up, turns it around, sticks her fingers into crevices, blows on it, babbles into any hollow for the funny echo although I am not sure if that’s what she’s aiming for. I sometimes see her sitting still and staring at pictures or her stickers. Sometimes, she just sits. It makes me kind of uneasy, wondering if a good mother would let her child do nothing or would she engage her in an activity? Should I be teaching her the names of more objects? Or of people? Of countries? Their GDPs? Oh help!


Every instinct crying out that if she wants attention, she’ll ask for it. That I should let her be.


And yet, doubting my instincts. Doubting myself. I was about to figure out if I should ask my mommy friends if I am stunting her growth by not exposing her to more. By not filling up her babyhood with learning experiences. When I came across this:



I am yet to order this book (I am trying to find a deal), but the excerpt on amazon was what I was looking for. Here’s a non-fiction that I want to read cover to cover. For a vindication of my instincts. For helping me down my laid-back mothering path. For telling me that it is alright that my daughter likes to sit and relax at times. For, who doesn’t need some rest and relaxation after being a walking-talking, oh excuse me, crawling-babbling hurricane!

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