Chickpea Salad

After the longest time, I hosted a party today. A brunch. This is practically the first time I’ve done so after we found out that we’re having M. I thought long and hard about what to make the center piece. A chickpea salad walked into my mind. I was told that it was really good, but o…


Another interrupted post, this was because of M’s nightmare.


The brunch was last Sunday. I was surprised at how much I liked the salad!


Without further ado-




Chick peas, dry                      5 cups, soaked overnight and boiled
White vinegar                         0.5-1 tbsp
Lime juice                              from 2 limes or to taste
Green pepper, chopped finely  1
Red pepper, chopped finely     1
Avocado, chopped finely         0.75 (I can be used, but I had only that much left)
Salt                                       to taste


On the side, to be used or not, depending on taste


Chana chaat masala
Yogurt with mint
Chopped cilantro
Extra lime wedges


Mix the first set of ingredients and refrigerate overnight, so that the flavours blend well. Remove an hour before serving, with second list of ingredients on the side.


Note: I suspect that serving it on a bed of favorite salad greens or adding some al dente cooked bow tie pasta before marinating in the refrigerator overnight will be great too!


Hummus, banana-pecan cake, bagels and cream cheese, bread, toddler biscuits, madeleines, various juices, completed the food list. Thank you, FM, CS, LB, and VH! And all others who came. I absolutely enjoyed myself, and I hope you all did too. Thank you, SF, for the beautiful flowering shrub.


PS: I was gently reminded that my friend SS made it first a year ago with a few differences…wow, has it been only a year? It seems a lifetime ago that I was a giant almost 8 months puffy..I mean, pregnant lady plopped on the middle of S & R’s floor (funny, they’re S and R too!).

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