Spring brings the World Cup

If you had told me, 10 years ago, that there’ll come a time when I shall find 25 deg. C too hot, I’d have told you that you were crazy. If you had told me, 2 years ago, that I would think 5 deg. C is wonderful weather to take my daughter out for a long walk, I’d have told you that you needed to get that mind of yours checked.


And yet, here I was. It was 10.15 am, and my 11 month old had had her breakfast and nursed but was refusing to go down for a nap that she clearly needed. What with the World Cup Finals and 2 wickets down too early on, I was experiencing unhealthy stress. With the beginnings of a sinus attack gnawing on my cheeks, I took the decision. As soon as she saw her snowsuit laid out on the floor, her eyes lit up. She knew what it meant. Stroll in the stroller. Only, it wasn’t just around the block. It was to a market 2 km away. Market, not store. It has a wonderful ring to it, and brings to mind stalls of vegetables, of fruits, of flowers, exactly what this market is.


As I stepped out, my pain was soothed away by the gentle zephyr. The walk felt a little too long by a half. It seemed so much longer on the way over, because I wasn’t familiar with the neighbourhood at the other end, and knew not how much further our destination lay. It is too early in the season for fresh local produce, but I figured that it is a good way to begin the spring and spring into this Saturday morning habit. M fell asleep by the time we reached the market. Many vegetables, greens, and maple taffy later, we headed back home. The road was uphill but seemed a lot shorter because I knew the landmarks closer to home.


We got home an hour and a half after stepping out, only to find that we still required 85 runs off 87 balls. And my headache returned with a vengeance. Making khichdi and eating lunch later….


The captain lifted the ball clear above the boundary and won the World Cup 2011 with 10 balls to spare. Congratulations, Team India!


My head still hurts but spring is here and so is the World Cup.

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