Infant Diaries – It probably isn’t that bad

I was in the kitchen just now, doing dishes. They were all done, and I looked around for more. I noticed the pressure cooker sitting on the counter, and I dumped the water out of it, completely forgetting about something inside it. It fell into the sink with a loud clang. Now, my infant, going on toddler, was playing behind me, and she’s been trying to stand up, holding on to anything vertical.


All of a sudden, I hear loud and I’m-in-pain crying. There was blood on her lips, running out from an unknown source within. Images of a tongue split in half flashed through my mind, and who can blame me! Around the same age, my mother tells me, I fell onto my behind with a thump in an attempt to stand up, and cut my tongue under my new teeth, clean in half, halfway into my mouth. The tip of my tongue still shows a gap. My mother was worried that I wouldn’t be able to talk. She needn’t have, as all of you who know me know (no, there is no need to emphatically comment about this statement, you know whom I am talking to), but the fear remains.


She wouldn’t let me touch her mouth, and a panicked phone call to R later, in which he told me to first mop her up and see what’s going on, I calmed down.


After cleaning her up and much investigation later, I caught a glimpse of the tip of the underside of her tongue. It was red.


Tricks used to get her to open her mouth – Starting an imitating game, then sticking my tongue out at her, and shrieking with my mouth wide open.


Morals of the story –
Sudden loud noises are to be avoided.
Don’t panic.
Clean the blood first.
It probably isn’t that scary.

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