“Blog and thou shalt receive” – Moi.

On the way back from breakfast and Mother Goose, I steered M’s stroller through the slush and snow and ice that adorned the sidewalks and crosswalks towards the corner grocery store. Ostensibly to buy organic bananas for M, that R and I forgot to get from Les 5 Saisons yesterday (doesn’t the name have a lovely sound to it? It sounds even better when pronounced the French way). They didn’t have any. But I did see some Anjou pears and decided to get them for my salt-chilli powder explosion of tastes craving. I was walking around, trying to see if they had any hidden away in some corner, when I noticed that many shelves were empty. I was getting quite discouraged when I noticed…a green fruit, labeled Goyava. Can this, could this… be… a guava???????? I quickly picked 2 up and rushed home to taste. And what do you know??!!!!!!! A guava!!!!! Happy to report that I’ve eaten both! R isn’t a fan, he said! But he was just being nice because he knows how crazy I am about those!


3 thoughts on ““Blog and thou shalt receive” – Moi.

  1. Hey S! I like the new look of your blog. I signed up to get e-mail updates. I love how these unexpected little surprises, like finding guavas, can brighten what has seemed like an unbearably long winter. Especially with young babies needing strollers……

  2. So are you, I think, from your last post! By the time you emerge from your haze, hopefully, it’ll be gone! Good luck with everything!!!

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