Seeing Guava in Bartlett Pear

When I was growing up, there was a guava tree behind our house. We could literally reach out of our window and pluck one out to eat. Of course, being that these guavas grew so close to our impatient childish hands, they never saw maturity. Nevertheless, guavas on branches that were out of reach of our marauding hands did ripen and give children of the neighbourhood a wonderful time. They were eaten washed, unwashed (children plucking and eating them? That’s what happens), cut, whole. But none reaches out to me across the years as clearly as eating a guava at just the right ripeness – not too ripe, not too raw – quartered, salt and red chilli powder smeared on the insides.


In my continuing quest to find a pear that M will eat, I bought Bartlett pears. No go. I was admiring this beautiful green fruit with white interiors and marvelling at how anyone can refuse to eat it. Suddenly, the years fell away. I was about 8. I was looking at a guava, trying to find salt and red chilli powder to dip it in. And sit down to savour it. Back to the present, I wondered if I could do the same with the pear. I did, and turns out, a Bartlett pear has just the right texture. If you’ve eaten guava whole, you know that with each bite, there is the smooth white flesh, and the hard seeds. Likewise, this pear has a grainy texture to it.


It worked! I re-created part of the magic. Guava still remains my favourite fruit and whenever and wherever I found it during my pregnancy, I ate it. I found out very recently that a Middle Eastern store very close to where I live stocks them. Too late for this academic year. But perhaps next year…


If you think that any green fruit with white insides will do, you’d be wrong, as I was. I just ate a Granny Smith apple the same way. It was good, in a green apple kind of way, but not in the magical way that tingles my taste buds at the mere thought.


Disclaimer: This is an opinion post, your results may vary.

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