Au revoir, Mothering Magazine! It has been good knowing you!

Mothering Magazine


During the dark blues, when nursing was a painful daily, hourly struggle, I turned to a magazine that had old articles online. Articles affirming the benefits of breastfeeding. To help me resolutely plod along my chosen path.


While I agree to disagree with them on certain aspects, it is very respectfully, as I love what they have to say about others. I would never willingly opt for unassisted childbirth for instance, but cloth diapers? Gentle parenting? Bring it on. At least I strive for these.


I love the articles enough to have subscribed to a digital edition of the magazine. Sadly, they are soon to shut down operations as a magazine but will remain a web-only business. As it is, print subscribers will only get digital versions for a couple of issues.


What has Mothering taught me?


Follow my instinct.


Be a gentle parent.


Cloth diapering information.


Hang in there when the going gets very tough in parenting.


So much more that I do not have the words for. They’re going to offer Natural Life Magazine as a substitute for subscribers. I suppose this is a pretty good magazine, I don’t know, but I’ll miss having Mothering in my inbox.


Au revoir! I look forward to seeing what you’ll do with your web-based business, Peggy O’Mara! It has been good knowing you and I hope to continue knowing you in your new avatar!

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