The Super Bowl Effect

It’s that time of the year again. Super Bowl Sunday, this Sunday. Super bowl effect. Something about stock markets and bears and bulls and what? I don’t even understand how the stock market works, so, I won’t try to explain it. As such, this super bowl effect could very well be a myth.


I do know of another super bowl effect, however, that is grounded in good solid reality. You know how babies eye parents’ plates, mouths watering, lips smacking?


The Super Bowl Effect. Baby doesn’t want to eat what’s in her tiny bowl, transfer it into your own “super bowl”, and watch the contents disappear.


The other day, we were feeding M chunks of apple, cooked into pre-apple sauce. As usual, she began protesting after several mouthfuls. Which is fine, she needs to know when to stop eating, and it isn’t good to override her signals. So the experts say. Or is it? As soon as I picked up the dish in which I cooked the apple and started forking the remaining chunks into my mouth, she eyed the “super bowl” with anticipation. She wanted some of what mommy was eating. Sure enough, she went ahead and finished up the remaining apple.

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