Au revoir, Mothering Magazine! It has been good knowing you!

Mothering Magazine


During the dark blues, when nursing was a painful daily, hourly struggle, I turned to a magazine that had old articles online. Articles affirming the benefits of breastfeeding. To help me resolutely plod along my chosen path.


While I agree to disagree with them on certain aspects, it is very respectfully, as I love what they have to say about others. I would never willingly opt for unassisted childbirth for instance, but cloth diapers? Gentle parenting? Bring it on. At least I strive for these.


I love the articles enough to have subscribed to a digital edition of the magazine. Sadly, they are soon to shut down operations as a magazine but will remain a web-only business. As it is, print subscribers will only get digital versions for a couple of issues.


What has Mothering taught me?


Follow my instinct.


Be a gentle parent.


Cloth diapering information.


Hang in there when the going gets very tough in parenting.


So much more that I do not have the words for. They’re going to offer Natural Life Magazine as a substitute for subscribers. I suppose this is a pretty good magazine, I don’t know, but I’ll miss having Mothering in my inbox.


Au revoir! I look forward to seeing what you’ll do with your web-based business, Peggy O’Mara! It has been good knowing you and I hope to continue knowing you in your new avatar!

Jamming with Pears

Yummy, yummy, we’ve got fruits in our tummy. Surprisingly though, M doesn’t like anything sweet. Banana? Too ripe? No, thank you. Bosc pears – blech.


Organic pears come by the bag in our corner grocery store and after eating almost the entire pear every time I cut one up for M, I was at my wit’s end as to what to do with the rest. Eating them one by one was slowly fading away as an option because the pears are very ripe and I don’t want them to rot away in my frig. Mustn’t waste food, and they’re far too expensive to throw down the drain if I can only make something with them.


I turned to the trusty internet but I couldn’t turn up anything that met all of my criteria – I am not willing to grate or bake, or nuke, oops, sorry, I meant zap in the microwave. What to do? What to do? I have put the pears en masse on different shelves in the frig., left them out on the countertop, returned them to the frig., hunting for inspiration. Got it! Jam!


Only after paring and coring and dicing after M went to sleep did I realize – I don’t yet know HOW. Somehow, some ‘how’ emerged and it tastes amazing, if I say so myself.




Ghee 2 tsp


Bosc pears 6 peeled, deseeded, chopped


(super-ripe, they were, but they don’t have to be so ripe, I think; that’s just a side effect of my procrastination, oh no! have to be politically correct even when speaking of myself – meticulous search for inspiration, wink wink)


Raw sugar – roughly half the volume of cut pears + 2 tbsp


OR honey 4-5 squirts (Health Canada does not recommend giving honey to infants under 1 year of age)


Dash of cinnamon




Heat a saucepan on medium heat and pour 2 tbsp of ghee when it is hot.


As soon as ghee melts, add pears to it. Pears turn brown on exposure to air, but I found that it didn’t affect the taste.


Saute for a couple of minutes and add the the remaining ingredients, less the 2 tbsp sugar, in and let it cook until most of the water evaporates, occasionally stirring, occasionally mashing the pears with a potato masher or the back of a wide spoon.


The 2tbsp sugar is for the case of the munchies that develops when the tantalizing aroma of those melting flavours fills the kitchen but you have to wait.


Note: I have made jam in the past with a similar procedure but I have cooked it for much longer and gotten a lot more. The jam remained good in the frig. for at least a month. But this one? Pears have so much water!! I am not sure. I ate a small ice cream cup-ful, R, likewise, and I have stored small amounts for my friends B and N, to be delivered tomorrow, in time for breakfast. Which reminds me, if I want to get it to them before their breakfast, I should sleep now. The case of the grumps who ignores the yawns. Not something I want to face.


I hope you enjoy making and eating it as much as I did. So long!

The Super Bowl Effect

It’s that time of the year again. Super Bowl Sunday, this Sunday. Super bowl effect. Something about stock markets and bears and bulls and what? I don’t even understand how the stock market works, so, I won’t try to explain it. As such, this super bowl effect could very well be a myth.


I do know of another super bowl effect, however, that is grounded in good solid reality. You know how babies eye parents’ plates, mouths watering, lips smacking?


The Super Bowl Effect. Baby doesn’t want to eat what’s in her tiny bowl, transfer it into your own “super bowl”, and watch the contents disappear.


The other day, we were feeding M chunks of apple, cooked into pre-apple sauce. As usual, she began protesting after several mouthfuls. Which is fine, she needs to know when to stop eating, and it isn’t good to override her signals. So the experts say. Or is it? As soon as I picked up the dish in which I cooked the apple and started forking the remaining chunks into my mouth, she eyed the “super bowl” with anticipation. She wanted some of what mommy was eating. Sure enough, she went ahead and finished up the remaining apple.