On the Subject of Motherhood and Food…

…my life as a graduate student has taught me many things in life. What I never imagined it taught me, however, is how to eat cardboard. Or food that tastes like it.

Back in the days when I was learning to cook, my idea of a dinner was rice and/or lentils cooked together with frozen vegetables in a pressure cooker and either eaten as is, or with a dollop of store-bought yogurt. And perhaps some pickle. My then roommate knew how to cook real food unlike me, but continued eating this fare anyway. I knew not why. Was it because she truly has no taste buds, as she used to proclaim? I didn’t quite understand it.
I have since learned how to cook and can cook quite elaborate meals too. I even truly enjoy good food as much as the next person. But on days like today when my daughter thinks that my feet are her new best friends and my trouser legs are her chew toys, it becomes a tad hard to cook. Especially lunch. Guess what I eat! You could call it “ditto” a la Aunt Martha’s in “Rainbow Valley” by Lucy Maud Montgomery. But it doesn’t bother me in the least. As long as it is comparatively healthy and doesn’t taste worse than cardboard, it doesn’t matter. My cooperative roommate who didn’t disparage my first attempts at cooking (she has since tasted increasingly complicated dishes by me and even has her personal favorites among them) and my acquired ability to eat poor victuals are standing me in good stead.
And, have given me an uh huh! moment now. R’s mother points out a very good quality in me (she calls it that, so if you want to contest it, take it up with her), that I can eat anything and everything with necessary dietary restrictions of course, as long as it doesn’t overpower the taste buds in a negative way. Hmm…
Breakfast: Gogo quinoa’s Muesli with Rice milk
Lunch: Errrr…. Rice with mung and red lentils, cooked with peas, and homemade yogurt (only kind of dairy that I can eat these days; long story)
Dinner: My husband, not ever having eaten such poor fare before (if he had to cook for himself, he chose eating out), turns his nose up at food like that. So…
Remember my post about capsicum fried rice? I made potato with red and yellow peppers and added the ground seasoning from that recipe. Spaghetti(?) squash stew. Rice. And afternoon’s “leftovers”.

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