Seeds of Joy – Butternut Squash


We’re eating solids now. And speeding through vegetables. Today – butternut squash, baked. M found it reasonable but those seeds aren’t for baby consumption. I decided to see if they can be eaten like pumpkin seeds. I googled around and found that yes, indeed, these can be. But those recipes called for oven-roasting, which I didn’t have time for.


So – 

Sliced it down the middle to bake and scooped seeds out. Removed the strings, washed, mixed with a dash of salt and olive oil, spread on a plate, put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. As soon as they started popping, turned it off.


I went into it expecting to reduce waste and feel good about it. Turned out, it was so delicious, that I ate it all. Definitely recommend.

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