Capsicum fried rice with salad on the side

As my friends A, A, and S will attest, I am a confirmed capsicum hater. You serve it to me, I’ll hate you too.

However, lately, I have come to try to put into action, what my heart believes and my mind knows. The more colourful a plate is, the better. All of the different phytochemicals that contribute to the colours make any dish look mouthwatering. Thus, I hit upon the idea of picking up organic peppers of different colours. Because, who can resist a dish turned out in multiple hues?

I took myself to the net to search for an appropriate recipe and found this one:

I used green, red, and yellow bell peppers and must have used more of the masala, because mine turned out darker.

I also added some olive oil to the sona masoori rice before cooking it, because we were quite hungry and couldn’t wait for it to cool down before I wanted the grains to separate without getting crushed.

I used only oil, no ghee, so that it is dairy-free. I did use the peanuts, however, so it is not all potential allergens-free.

Add young snow pea shoots on top, and voila! A dish even I, the capsicum-hater couldn’t resist. I am going to add pictures, not because you’ll need them to figure out how it is made, but because I found the sight of the ingredients in various stages so appetizing that even I couldn’t resist it.

Confession: I loved it so much that I ate it for lunch the next day too!


PS: Protein only comes from nuts and some lentils in here, so to make it a complete meal, one could add one’s preferred source of protein. Or add more nuts if you aren’t allergic. I am convinced that nuts won’t overwhelm the taste. I didn’t measure any of the ingredients, just eyeballed them.

PPS: I didn’t crush the red chillies in the roasting step so that I don’t cough; in the tempering step, because they were being used to garnish, not to spice the dish up.


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