Quickie Dinners

When I was single, I used to cook more elaborately than I do as a mom or during pregnancy.


That commute during pregnancy! Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I love everyone I worked with. But… the 3 hours back and forth just about killed my pelvis, rendering me useless to do much else for the day and after the weekdays, for much of the weekend. Throw in sitting for 4 hours for language classes… R tried his best to cook for me but there were of course days when he couldn’t or wasn’t in the mood to cook.


Sample quick meals (and I truly enjoyed them gleefully too):


Bread and Havarti cheese or such with sliced cucumbers and/or tomatoes heaped on the cheese.


Bread and hummus with cucumber slices.


Heated frozen chapatis with grated carrot-radish, spruced up with some lemon juice and salt.


All of these were almost always followed by a cup of milk or plain homemade yogurt before bed.


Today (yesterday?) was one of those days. The kitchen was fairly clean and inviting to cook in but somehow, we didn’t want to cook. And I am all proteined out for today. Given that I am now on a wheat-free and dairy-free diet, none of the above was an option for me. I turned to my other time-tested grain. Organic corn. The home-popped variety. Seasoned with olive oil, salt, and cayenne pepper. Add sliced organic English cucumber with a dash of salt, a pinch of pepper, and a squirt of fresh lemon juice on the side. Meal complete. Watermelon for dessert. Rice milk for pre-bedtime snack.


Happy camper, I am.


Pop, pop, pop, you put the corn in the pot.
Pop, pop, pop, you shake it till its hot.
Pop, pop, pop, you lift the lid out and what have you got?
Pop. pop, pop… popcorn!!!


PS: M said poppoppop today, right after I sang this to her. Coincidence?

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