True riches

I have been away from the blogging world for over a month now and have been quite remiss about responding to recipe requests. That’ll follow soon. What has the V family been up to this past month?

We have exciting events to talk about. We went on our first road trip with baby. She appeared to like it in the beginning – read, she slept. Man oh man, did she hate it after that! We ended up taking 10 hours for a 6 hour return trip. With generous breaks. While there, M began to roll over onto her tummy and is currently trying to move heaven and earth to get up onto her knees and crawl already. Now that MIL is away, M misses her. It is heartbreaking to see her gazing at the rocker that her grandmother would rock her to sleep on.
We were all miserable and moping around yesterday after coming home from the airport. A visit to see our friends R and M this evening perked us right back up. Thanks, you folks! Friends in need are friends indeed! Friendships – enriching lives – true riches.
Make a deposit in your friendship bank today. Tell a friend how much you appreciate her.

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