M and communication

Last week, we were at IKEA. M fell asleep in her stroller and let us walk around the showroom. Once she woke up, she began cooing, or so we initially thought. Until she became more insistent in her coos with an “I am trying to convey something to you, won’t you please figure out what” expression. Sure enough, she needed a diaper change and a mini-feed, all made easy in IKEA’s baby care rooms equipped with POANG chairs. We were suitably, or perhaps more, being the parents, proud of her.


Until today, when she decided to put her newly acquired skills to better use – that of startling me while I was doing dishes. I suddenly heard a loud and very insistent “Mmmmmmm”, looking at me. Turns out, she needed a cuddle, a diaper change, and food. This time, a whole lot more aggressively. How dare I not pay attention to her (she was in my mother’s lap and R’s mother was talking to her) and do dishes?


My little girl is growing up. She can communicate!!!


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