Where does the time go?

M is now over 5 w old. There have been so many moments that I wanted to write about, so crowded together, that this page has been perpetually open with nary a word written in it.


May I begin by saying that it is hilarious how she extends her arms all the way up and her hands just about stick up above her head?


What about those prenatal “worries” I had about fountains and showers from a boy at diaper changing time (DCT)? Ladies and gentlemen, my daughter would like to prove that she is no less threatening than a boy is at DCT. She has showered her dad some 4 times with something else entirely, necessitating his immediate properly adult bathroom showers and garment rinses.


She does NOT appreciate being set down for a nap during the day unless she is super-sleepy. I started off this post holding her in my lap. She is now sleeping in her newborn to toddler rocker. Time for a demand to pick her up approaches, and it approaches…


Words to my daughter

I would love to be the most important person in your life always. I would love for you to bring all of your problems to me. For me to soothe your troubles always. As you lie in my arms this morning after your mini-feed, I think thoughts that I want to tell you. I’ll encourage you to have friends of your own age, not because I don’t want to be your best friend, but because how else will you know that most of your emotions and troubles are normal for your age; some may need your parents to take care of for you; some may need that your parents stand in front of you, holding a mace?


I want to teach you how to take care of yourself. But to also know that at any time, you can bring any worry to your parents. And we will try our utmost to help you.