Bienvenue, mon bébé! Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Baby girl arrived on May 3 via emergency C-section. “How” doesn’t matter anymore, although it may have been more fun if it were natural, and I could hold her immediately, and find out her gender on my own. As it is, R had me guess. His face was so lit up, it wasn’t difficult, even in my groggy state. Not too bad, finding out from mon mari.


Mother’s Day gift to me – my daughter (daughter – sounds weird in my mouth; I got so used to calling her “my baby” as we didn’t know the gender in advance) gave me a gift. She pooped into my hand. To be fair, she is so skinny that her diapers are way too loose for her. It had slid out of position. Happy Mother’s Day to me!


– Waiting for her to fall asleep before I hit the sack. I don’t want to fall asleep before she does. Toodles!


PS: Wondering about how “toodles” came about; googled –
A shortened Anglicized version of the French phrase à tout à l’heure which means goodbye.
I think it means “see you later”, literally.


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