My daughter, la Québécoise

Deciphering baby parts through mom’s belly – a fun game for parents to play. Then, the baby comes out, and a new deciphering game begins. The odds are higher, the rewards sweeter. Baby cries.

I seem to have translated one. Her cries sound something like “laaaayyyy” at times. And they seem to happen around feed times. Milk, all of her diet, is “lait” in French, pronounced like “lay”. Sort of.

Elle veut du lait. Mon bébé, le francophone.


Bienvenue, mon bébé! Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Baby girl arrived on May 3 via emergency C-section. “How” doesn’t matter anymore, although it may have been more fun if it were natural, and I could hold her immediately, and find out her gender on my own. As it is, R had me guess. His face was so lit up, it wasn’t difficult, even in my groggy state. Not too bad, finding out from mon mari.


Mother’s Day gift to me – my daughter (daughter – sounds weird in my mouth; I got so used to calling her “my baby” as we didn’t know the gender in advance) gave me a gift. She pooped into my hand. To be fair, she is so skinny that her diapers are way too loose for her. It had slid out of position. Happy Mother’s Day to me!


– Waiting for her to fall asleep before I hit the sack. I don’t want to fall asleep before she does. Toodles!


PS: Wondering about how “toodles” came about; googled –
A shortened Anglicized version of the French phrase à tout à l’heure which means goodbye.
I think it means “see you later”, literally.

By May 4

One way or the other, we’re getting our baby within 4 days. We would very much like for baby to arrive on his/her own terms. We wouldn’t want to evict baby from its comfortable nest. You understand, don’t you, bubsicle, that for your safety, we cannot delay our meeting much longer?


We look forward to changing your diapers and giving you little massages and delightful baths.


Induction is set for May 3. Wish us luck!

Beauty is but skin deep

Ask R what it is like, shopping for anything that needs ingredient listings with his wife. He’ll advise you never to marry a chemist. She’ll suck the fun out of trying out various nice tasting (non-)foods and nice smelling (non-)self-care products. She’ll only shop around the periphery of the grocery store, for that’s where they keep the produce, the dairy, and other real foods. If she has to enter an aisle even for laundry detergent, she’ll spend ages reading ingredient listings and dropping products because of an offensive ingredient.


I remember discussing with someone in my very first year of living in the US about reading nutrition information and how I wouldn’t care about it ever. I do now. Not, as one would think, because I want to know about the calorie information, but because I want none of the non-foods masquerading as foods in my and my family’s diet. I’ll take the higher calorie, closest to nature alternative over lower calorie processed ones. I’ll eat less, but give me natural, any time. I’ll spend enormous amounts of time to find a self-care product with minimal offensive (to me) ingredients. I am not telling anyone how to live their lives, nor am I claiming to follow my own policies all the time. I encourage everyone to try their best to do what they think is best for them and their family. I fall off my own bandwagon more often than I care to remember about. Yet, isn’t that what being human is all about? Try, try, for improvement.


Organic is high on my list, but that isn’t what I am writing about. Perhaps later.


I NEED a moisturizer. Yet, given that it is meant to be absorbed into my skin, I don’t like the fact that most brands and kinds that don’t gross me out by their greasiness have a million suspect ingredients. I also hate standing in an aisle and having to read ingredients on so many products. I found this website yesterday. A blessing, a boon.


As mother told me when I was little, don’t trust strangers. I don’t know how trustworthy they are and with all their well-intentioned research, how good it is. Yet, my quest for information is one step closer to satisfaction. I can now find ingredients in several products, all in one place; I can find the best handful of products (to my mind), and go about hunting them out, instead of standing in an aisle. What I hate most about shopping.


-Soap nut nut.