Plans for the weekend

For my sanity, I need to make plans for the next 10 days and be happy when they get disrupted. Clearly, the biggest plan isn’t even in my hands. Walking is supposed to help jog matters along. I walked around for about a couple of hours yesterday and got home good and tired and… slept! Does sleep counter the good that walking does? It has to be both or none. No regrets.

Not big plans, but R is going to take me to Chuch Vegethaiexpress for lunch tomorrow (is Chu Chai open for lunch during the weekend? It matters not, not too much, Chuch isn’t too shabby for S). Perhaps meet a few friends for tea in the afternoon. Sunday… we’ll see.


One thought on “Plans for the weekend

  1. I read all your posts! You have such a beautiful writing voice! I especially liked the passage where you write to the baby en français! Very impressive after just one semester! Derek, Sonya, et moi attendent votre bébé aussi. Let me know if you come to the Plateau over the weekend! We’d love to say hello. My cousin will be here from Ottawa. Sonya and my dance performance is on Sunday… but Derek is going to videotape it. I think it might be too long to sit through? But then again, you surprised us all at book club! I hope hope the baby comes before Tuesday when I leave for Houston! I’ll be so jealous if Derek gets to meet Baby before me!

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