How S got her Thai fix last night

I was in the mood for Thai last night. Chu Chai, my favorite Thai restaurant in Montreal, was out of the question that (and this) late. Did I tell you that Chu Chai also happens to be a completely vegetarian Thai restaurant? No worrying about fish sauce, oyster sauce… AND, the food is so good that when R’s friend and his wife drove up to Montreal for dinner, we took them there and they loved it.

We went to Ecollegey the previous day and brought home some broccoli. I went a-hunting for a recipe to make with it, a vegan one. Vegan, because why do people insist on calling seafood vegetarian? I found one:

I didn’t use tofu, as let’s face it, the package instructions tell me to use it all up in 3 days, once opened; this isn’t the time to take chances with leaving things in the frig. to be used up so quickly. And, it takes more time than my hungry self was willing to expend.

It was surprisingly good!

For the Indian palate however, here are my recommendations:

1. Can add more coconut milk or instead, vegetable broth. Broth may be better.
2. Perhaps, can get away with less peanut butter.
3. Add only one tbsp maple syrup.
4. More garlic and ginger (double?); I used an inch-long fresh ginger piece. I mashed the ginger and garlic together in a stone mortar and pestle. I didn’t find cilantro in the store last night. But if I have to guess, I’d say, double that too.
5. More red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper. It was nowhere near spicy enough even for me. So, you be the judge.
6. Add lemon juice in after heating sauce with other ingredients. Should help conserve the vitamin C to aid iron absorption from broccoli. I think of such things as nutrient absorption these days.
7. Add salt to sauce.
8. Broccoli – I boiled water in large enough vessel to hold colander atop it, put broccoli in colander, covered it, and put it on top of the boiling water. Left water on for about 15 min (until I could stick a fork through a piece easily).



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