Honking for the habs

I just entered my bedroom to be hit by a blast of sound coming in through the window. People shouting, cars honking. I looked out of the window. All looked quiet. Must be on the next street over, the party street. Is there a game going on? What is it, what?




Sounds like home, sweet home. So much so that I told R that he should come into the bedroom and hear the din. Now, he’s switched work base from living room to bedroom. I do hope that it calms down by morning. I have an ultrasound and NST appointment.


The best way to learn a language – read, read, read

I had fun in basic French. Sadly, I won’t be able to take a class next semester due to some visa rules. I want to teach myself some more French. I set about finding familiar fables and short stories for children, preferably with an English translation. I found the link above. It’s a start. I may not get the pronunciation completely right on my own, but I think I have the basics of pronunciation down pat. Being multilingual is fun. It gives me such a rush. A new language mastered, a new frontier conquered. My oyster.

Plans for the weekend

For my sanity, I need to make plans for the next 10 days and be happy when they get disrupted. Clearly, the biggest plan isn’t even in my hands. Walking is supposed to help jog matters along. I walked around for about a couple of hours yesterday and got home good and tired and… slept! Does sleep counter the good that walking does? It has to be both or none. No regrets.

Not big plans, but R is going to take me to Chuch Vegethaiexpress for lunch tomorrow (is Chu Chai open for lunch during the weekend? It matters not, not too much, Chuch isn’t too shabby for S). Perhaps meet a few friends for tea in the afternoon. Sunday… we’ll see.

Due date is here

In about an hour, it will be “due date”. I walked a combined total of about 4 km today, a couple of blocks of it, up a hill (to the OB’s office). My OB tells me to walk as much as I can to encourage matters. My little crawler is crawling in there. Crawl your way down, baby!

Je veux mon bébé. Mon bébé chéri, est-ce que tu viens demain? Tes parents toi attendent vite. Très bientôt. Est-ce que tu connaitres ça? Qu’est-ce que tu fais dedans moi, maintenant? Il y a un monde beau ici. Viens, mon bébé chéri, viens.


Non-stress test at JG Hospital

Having posted my Thai cooking post, I went back to sleep this morning. From the time I woke up, bubs started moving and wouldn’t stop. For about 4 hours or so. It was like a little attack from within each time. Is he or she uncomfortable and wiggling to get comfortable? I called the birth center and asked them if it is normal. The nurse told me to come in, just in case. I called R who took a cab home. Then, drove over to the hospital along with my mother and me.

I was hooked up to 2 monitors, one to monitor heart rate of bubs, and one for contractions. This is called a non-stress test. To see if heart rate increases during each movement.

Result: Bubs is thinking that he/she is outside already and wants to play. Definitely a boy, they said, or a very naughty girl, based on all of the activity :-).

How S got her Thai fix last night

I was in the mood for Thai last night. Chu Chai, my favorite Thai restaurant in Montreal, was out of the question that (and this) late. Did I tell you that Chu Chai also happens to be a completely vegetarian Thai restaurant? No worrying about fish sauce, oyster sauce… AND, the food is so good that when R’s friend and his wife drove up to Montreal for dinner, we took them there and they loved it.

We went to Ecollegey the previous day and brought home some broccoli. I went a-hunting for a recipe to make with it, a vegan one. Vegan, because why do people insist on calling seafood vegetarian? I found one: http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=7187.0

I didn’t use tofu, as let’s face it, the package instructions tell me to use it all up in 3 days, once opened; this isn’t the time to take chances with leaving things in the frig. to be used up so quickly. And, it takes more time than my hungry self was willing to expend.

It was surprisingly good!

For the Indian palate however, here are my recommendations:

1. Can add more coconut milk or instead, vegetable broth. Broth may be better.
2. Perhaps, can get away with less peanut butter.
3. Add only one tbsp maple syrup.
4. More garlic and ginger (double?); I used an inch-long fresh ginger piece. I mashed the ginger and garlic together in a stone mortar and pestle. I didn’t find cilantro in the store last night. But if I have to guess, I’d say, double that too.
5. More red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper. It was nowhere near spicy enough even for me. So, you be the judge.
6. Add lemon juice in after heating sauce with other ingredients. Should help conserve the vitamin C to aid iron absorption from broccoli. I think of such things as nutrient absorption these days.
7. Add salt to sauce.
8. Broccoli – I boiled water in large enough vessel to hold colander atop it, put broccoli in colander, covered it, and put it on top of the boiling water. Left water on for about 15 min (until I could stick a fork through a piece easily).


Book club

I went to CS’s place for book club this morning. She’s the only non-expat in the book club. It was like being in school all over again. Why, you ask? I was completely unprepared. I hadn’t even bought the book much less read it, convinced as I was, that I won’t be able to attend. Everyone was surprised to see me there. She has the coolest apartment with the coolest handmade furniture and shelves and whatnot!